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Physical Restraints


Physical Restraints Success Story

South Tampa Health and Rehabilitation Center shares their story about eliminating restraints at their facility.

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Rethinking the Use of Position Change Alarms

An article by Joanne Rader, Barbara Frank, and Cathie Brady that discusses and states the case for reducing and eliminating the use of personal alarms on older adults which will also reduce the risk for falls, restraint use, and other medical conditions.

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Nursing Home Alarm Elimination Program

A three-page case study that summarizes an intervention used to eliminate the use of personal alarms on residents while also reducing falls.

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Restraint Enablers and Safety Considerations

This guide discusses restraints, enablers, and safety considerations for planning individualized care and assessing risks for nursing-home residents.

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Restraints: Activity Boxes

This guide includes multiple types of activity-based boxes that can be constructed to maintain interaction, resident centered activity preference, and decrease wandering and agitation.

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Restraint Reduction and Elimination Toolkit

A guide to help reduce and eliminate physical restraints in nursing homes.

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Reducing Restraint Use Fact Sheet

A two-page fact sheet from Advancing Excellence in America's Nursing Homes about reducing physical restraint use.

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Safety Without Restraints

A brief guide from the Minnesota Department of Health discussing physical restraints in nursing homes and setting new practice standard for safe care.

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