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Clean Hands - Safe Injections Initiative


Improve safe hand hygiene and injection practices in your ASC!

Through the Clean Hands—Safe Injections Initiative, participants have access to valuable resources and assistance to increase infection prevention efforts through improved hand hygiene and safe injection practices. Participants can collaborate with partners to spread evidence-based infection prevention best practices and receive support to implement these practices.

HSAG is a centralized resource for knowledge and tools that help ambulatory surgical centers (ASCs) improve health quality, efficiency and value. 

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"I am so pleased! The Clean Hands–Safe Injections Infection Prevention Toolkit provided by Health Services Advisory Group was a huge timesaver in helping to identify hand hygiene and safe injection best practices in my ambulatory surgical center. The materials provided helped me to easily create an in-service training that the staff found to be informative and useful.

Since the training, the staff have become more mindful of these best practices and have implemented them in their daily care processes."

Anna Theresa Basa, Infection Control Manager, Tarzana Outpatient Surgical Institute

See Best Practices in Action

How to Wash with Soap and Water


Safe Injection Practices

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