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URAC Pharmacy Organization Performance Measure Data Validation


HSAG is a URAC-approved, independent vendor that validates performance measure data for accuracy and completeness. HSAG conducts validation activities to ensure that URAC-accredited pharmacy organizations submit valid and reliable data to URAC for accreditation purposes.

HSAG is one of seven Data Validation Vendors (DVVs) approved by URAC based on HSAG's data validation expertise, experience, and approach to validation. HSAG offers services to URAC-accredited pharmacy organizations that require performance measures reporting, including specialty pharmacies, drug therapy management programs, community pharmacies, mail service pharmacies, and pharmacy benefits management programs.

HSAG has broad expertise in applying the performance measure validation process to a variety of organizations. Its performance measure data validation team consists of Certified HEDIS Compliance Auditors (CHCAs), non-certified, experienced auditors, and professional staff members with expertise in all aspects of the validation process. HSAG's audit department possesses the skills and experience to conduct data validation of pharmacy organizations' performance measures and quarterly formulary audits. HSAG also has two full-time pharmacists on staff.

Given its vast experience in performance measure validation activities, HSAG's performance measure validation program is unparalleled in its expertise and commitment. HSAG's data validation and verification processes are comprehensive, from the initial source code review through final reporting of validated pharmacy measures to URAC. The performance measure validation work is based on standard performance measure validation and URAC requirements that incorporate reporting needs and requirements of the URAC accreditation programs.

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