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Concerns About Your Care

Hispanic Senior Couple Inside Hospital with Busy Nurses

If you have a concern about the care being provided to you or a family member in a dialysis facility or transplant center, you may call the Network at any time. However, you are encouraged to speak to the facility manager, charge nurse or social worker first. Each facility is required, by the Federal Regulations, to have a process to address/resolve concerns. The social worker in the facility is expected to be the patient's advocate.

When the Network is contacted regarding a concern or grievance, the following occurs:

  • With permission, the Network will contact the dialysis facility or transplant center on the grievant's behalf to resolve the concern.
  • A grievant may remain anonymous throughout the investigation of a concern; however, it may limit the Network's ability to investigate the specific concern.
  • The Network will advocate for the patient's rights.
  • The Network will make suggestions/recommendations to both the grievant and the dialysis facility.
  • The Network may require the facility to forward documentation (treatment sheets, progress notes, etc) to us for review.
  • The Network will follow-up, as needed, to make sure recommendations are followed.

The Network cannot:

  • Mandate that a physician or dialysis facility/transplant center accept a patient.
  • Request that a specific staff member provide your care.
  • Change or direct dialysis clinic policies or procedures.
  • Override Federal Regulations.

To contact the Network by phone, please dial 800.783.8818 during the hours of 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. (MT), Monday through Friday.

You can submit your concern in writing by mailing it to:

HSAG: ESRD Network 15
3025 South Parker Road, Suite 820
Aurora, CO 80014

Download the Patient Grievance Brochure by clicking below:

Download the Patient Grievance Form and a list of State Departments of Health by clicking below:

Download patient grievance posters for your state by clicking below:

Click here to download a helpful tool for referencing the V-Tags and Interpretive Guidance Regarding Patient Grievances

Patient Grievance Toolkit
This toolkit, developed by the Forum of ESRD Networks, is designed by patients for patients to help patients as they work through the grievance process/system.

The Network will serve as an advocate when addressing patient concerns in the dialysis facility or transplant center. The process involves investigating, educating, and promoting communication so that all parties can work toward an acceptable resolution. If the Network has a concern about the safety of patients, it is immediately forwarded to the appropriate State Agency for onsite investigation. Contact information for each State Agency in Network 15 is listed below. 

Arizona Dept. of Health Services

Medical Facilities Licensing, ESRD Surveyor
150 N. 18th Ave, Suite 450
Phoenix, AZ 85007
602.364.3030 (phone)
602.792.0466 (fax)

New Mexico Dept. of Health

Health Facility Licensing and Cert., ESRD   Surveyor
2040 S. Pacheco St., 2nd Floor #413
Santa Fe, NM 87505
505.476.9025 (phone)
800.752.8649 (toll-free)
888.576.0012 (fax)

Colorado Dept. of Public Health

HFEMSD, Bldg A, 2nd Floor
4300 Cherry Creek Dr South
Denver, CO 80246
303.692.2904 (phone)
800.886.7689 (toll-free)
303.753.6214 (fax)

Utah Dept. of Health

Bureau of Health Facility Licensing/Certification/ Resident Assessment, ESRD Surveyor
P.O. Box 144103
Salt Lake City, UT 84114-4103
801.273.2994 (phone)
800.662.4157 (toll-free)
801.274.0658 (fax)

Northern Nevada Bureau of   Healthcare Quality and Compliance

727 Fairview Drive, Suite E
Carson City, NV 89701
775.684.1030 (phone)
775.684.1073 (fax)

 Wyoming Dept. of Health 

Office of Healthcare Licensing and Surveys
ESRD Surveyor
2300 Capitol Ave., Suite 510
Cheyenne, WY 82002
307.777.7123 (phone)
800.548.1367 (toll-free)
307.777.7127 (fax)

Southern Nevada Bureau of Healthcare Quality and Compliance

4220 South Maryland Parkway
Suite 810, Building D
Las Vegas, NV 89119
702.486.6515 (phone)
702.486.6520 (fax)