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Vocational Rehabilitation

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Vocational Rehabilitation, Employment, and Kidney Disease

Having chronic kidney disease may raise questions about finding, keeping, or changing jobs.  It is important to know that many people with kidney failure do still work full- or part-time, go to school, or take care of their homes and families.  

Below are some resources to help you understand your legal rights and options for working or going to school with kidney disease. And, don't forget to talk to your healthcare team! They can provide additional ideas, support, and suggestions based on their experiences with other patients like you. 

A Practical Guide for People with Disabilities Who Want to Go to College

This guide helps people with disabilities plan for attending  college.

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Employment: A Kidney Patient's Guide to Working and Paying for Treatment

This is booklet that introduces life options for patients with kidney disease.

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Exercise: A Guide for People on Dialysis

This booklet offers exercise alternatives for people on dialysis.

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Federal Student Aid

This organization provides resources for preparing for college or career school, applying for aid, consumer protection and more.

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Keeping Your Job When You Need Dialysis

This website offers information keeping your job when you need dialysis.

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Patient Scholarships

This website offers information about scholarships and grants that are available for patients with kidney disease.

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Renal Rehabilitation: Bridging the Barriers

This booklet provides important information for patients and families about vocational rehabilitation and kidney disease.

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State Vocational Rehabilitation Services

This page provides a list of State Vocational Rehabilitation services for Network 15.

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Ticket to Work Program

Ticket to Work is a free and voluntary program that can help Social Security beneficiaries go to work, get a good job that may lead to a career, and become financially independent, all while they keep their Medicare or Medicaid. Individuals who receive Social Security benefits because of a disability and are age 18 through 64 probably already qualify for the program.

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Working with Chronic Kidney Disease

National Kidney Foundation information on rehabilitation and returning to work.

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