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Bloodstream Infection QIA LAN March 2020

Inside Hospital with Busy Nurses Hispanic Senior Couple

March 2020 | BSI Quality Improvement Activity (QIA) LAN Event: Long-term Catheters: Rethinking Candidacy for Surgical Access 

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Jonathan Segal, MD
Maria Regnier, RN, MSN, CNN


Jonathan Segal, MD, is a nephrologist at the University of Michigan and is the Medical Review Board Chair for Midwest Kidney Network 11.

Maria Regnier, RN, MSN, CNN, is the Senior Director for the upper Midwest Enterprise Dialysis programs at Sanford Health.  

Presentation Objectives:

The presenters:

  • Discussed why some dialysis facilities have high rates of fistulas despite having patients with many comorbid conditions
  • Discussed how to empower nurses to evaluate fistulas and collaborate with the vascular surgeons to shorten the time a patient has a catheter.

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