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Population Health Focused Pilot (PHFPQ) LAN: Supporting Gainful Employment of the ESRD Patient

Patient with Doctor Diverse Support Group

PHFPQ Supporting GAinful Employment of the ESRD Patient Quality Improvement Activity (QIA) LAN Webinars for 2019

Locate and download recorded webinars from all of the 2019 PHFPQ QIA LAN meetings below:

Helping Patients Work Using SSA Work Incentives%
April 16, 2019
Download Recorded Webinar

Ticket to Work
March 7, 2019
Download Recorded Webinar

Approaches to Reducing Hospitalizations in ESRD Patients
February 28, 2019
Download Recorded Webinar

Depression in Chronic Kidney Disease and End-Stage Renal Disease: Similarities and Differences in Diagnosis, Epidemiology, and Management
February 21, 2019
Download Recorded Webinar

PHFPQ QIA LAN Identified Best Practices for 2019

The following best practices were identified from the PHFPQ LAN events:

Educate facility staff and eligible patients between the ages of 18–55 about working while on dialysis with the following materials: