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Increasing Rates of Patients on a Transplant Waitlist QIA

Hispanic Senior Couple Patient with Doctor

In order for a facility to successfully complete this QIA, they must demonstrate a 10 percentage point increase in the rate of eligible patients placed on a waitlist for transplant from the baseline. The resources provided here will assist participating facilities to meet their QIA goals.

Considering a Transplant? Let's Get Started!

This tri-fold brochure can easily fit into a pocket and can be used to track progress and keep details organized as a patient prepares for transplant evaluation.

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Network 7 2019/2020 Transplant Referral Guide

The Transplant Referral Guide is a tool to help guide dialysis patients,
their family members and care partners to the transplant centers that could
most likely meet their needs. It provides location and contact information, as well as easy-to-compare eligibility criteria for the 10 transplant centers in the Network 7 service area.

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Quality Assessment and Performance Improvement (QAPI) Quality Improvement Activity (QIA) Monitoring Form

Use the Quality Assessment and Performance Improvement (QAPI) Quality Improvement Activity (QIA) Monitoring Form for tracking education, referrals, work-ups, and waitlist status for transplant and for discussion of progress toward goals during QAPI meetings.

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PDSA Cycle Intervention

Use this Plan-Do-Study-Act (PDSA) tool to guide you in your transplant QIA rapid-cycle improvement process.

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Transplant Waitlist Quality Improvement Activity Tracker

Use the Transplant Waitlist QIA Tracker to document QIA data for reporting progress/status to the Network monthly. Reports to the Network are due by the 5th of the following month.

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Transplant Refusal Follow-up: Why Not Consider a Transplant

Use this one-page document to educate patients who have previously refused a transplant. 

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Transplant Waitlist Quality Improvement Toolkit

Soon you will have access to the Transplant Waitlist QIA Toolkit. The toolkit is a dynamic document that is updated with tools and best practices as they are developed or evolve. Use this valuable resource to help you implement your QIA and as appropriate when rapid cycle improvement opportunities...

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Transplant Waitlist Quality Improvement Proven Best Practices

As facilities experience successes toward achieving the Transplant Waitlist QIA goals, their best practices will be made available to you in this dynamic document. Contact the Network with your proven best practices, so that they can be shared with others.

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Transplant Waitlist QIA–Other Documents

Find PowerPoint slides and other documents that may assist you in achieving your Transplant Waitlist QIA goals.

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Tips for Engaging Patients and Hosting a Successful Transplant Lobby Day

This one-pager provides simple, easy-to-follow steps for hosting a successful Transplant Lobby Day. 

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