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Inside Hospital with Busy Nurses Patient with Doctor

The Little Book About Kidneys: A Guide for Children About Kidney Disease and Treatment

The Little Book About Kidneys by Victoria Hanson and illustrated by Jenny Tulip, will help you talk to young children about your kidneys and the treatments you may experience. It is intended to support you in explaining your kidney failure to children. 

View Resource - Quit Smoking Today!

This website provides information and resources about how to stop smoking.

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Exercise: A Guide for People on Dialysis

This guide was developed by The Life Options Rehabilitation Advisory Council and provides information about how exercise can help kidney disease patients get back on their feet. 

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The Scoop on Sodium Quiz

A self-test for your knowledge about sodium.

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American Heart Association Nutrition Center

The American Heart Association website offers a nutrition center to help patients identify fats and oils in food portions.

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National Lung, Heart, and Blood Institute Aim for a Healthy Weight

Reaching and maintaining a healthy weight is important for overall health and can help you prevent and control many diseases and conditions. This website include resources for reaching and maintaining a healthy weight.

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