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HSAG served as a Hospital Improvement and Innovation Network (HIIN) provider from October 2016 through March 2020 and held the #1 ranking for all HIINs in the country since November 2018.

More than 265 hospitals, from Arizona, California, Ohio, and Texas—including small, rural, and critical access hospitals—worked with HSAG HIIN to improve their quality patient safety outcomes. In total there were 25,141 harms avoided and 2,753 lives saved.

To ensure this incredible work is sustained, you can still access the many educational tools and resources developed during the HSAG HIIN initiative. Due to data restrictions, the HSAG HIIN Secure Data Portal is closed as we await our new HIIN initiative work.

Tools and Resources

HIIN The Know Newsletter

Success Stories and News


For more information on our HSAG HIIN initiative, please contact Christine Bailey, BSN, RN, CSSGB, Associate Executive Director, Health Services Advisory Group (HSAG), at