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NCD - Pacing Event: Readmissions

Young Female Doctor Adults with Medical Staff at Home

Thursday, September 14, 2017, 10:00 a.m. to 11:00 a.m. PT.

Summary from 9/14 Pacing Event: “Impacting Readmissions Related to Health Disparities, COPD, and Behavioral Health: A Look at Interventions to Address Three Opportunities for Improvement”

As HIINs and their partner hospitals continue to focus on reducing 30-day readmissions, this Pacing Event highlighted various approaches for impacting reductions. The session discussed three efforts that address specific opportunities for readmissions reductions: health disparities, behavioral health, and COPD. Specifically, the session featured the use of transitional clinics to impact readmissions in communities with uninsured and underinsured patients; and clinical trials to assess (1) the impact of standardized protocols for COPD patients in the hospital and across the care continuum, and (2) the impact of virtual care to behavioral health patients. Within these discussions, presenters shared information about the data that drove these efforts, their intervention designs, and lessons learned. In addition, we discussed the importance of engaging and educating patients and families to impact readmissions.

To discuss these efforts, this session specifically featured presentations from:

  • Bruce Bethancourt, MD, FACP, Chief Medical Officer for the Dignity Health Medical Group, Arizona (Dignity HIIN), who discussed the Center for Transitional Care’s work to reduce hospital readmission with better patient care;
  • Daniel Howard, MD, and Jason Roberge, PhD, MPH, from the Carolinas HealthCare System (Carolinas HealthCare HIIN), who are leading the design and implementation of their COPD and behavioral health clinical trials, to discuss these studies and the evidence-based interventions that are designed to impact readmissions; and
  • Jesse Soriano, a patient advocate with HealthInsight, who will discuss his observations of strategies for addressing readmissions through patient and family education around the healthcare system, their specific plan of care, and what they need to know and be aware of when they return home.

To view and download slides from this Pacing Event, click here