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PfP – PFE Learning Event: The Path for Implementing a PFAC: Step 3. Building Infrastructure and Sustainability

Senior Asian Couple Diverse Business Group

Thursday, June 14, 2018, 10:00 a.m. to 11:00 a.m. PT.

This week, the Patient and Family Engagement Contractor (PFEC) hosted the third part of its three-part PFE Learning Event series on PFE Metric 4 (Patient and Family Advisory Council [PFAC] or Patient Representatives on Hospital Committee). The event, titled, The Path for Implementing a PFAC: Step 3. Building Infrastructure and Sustainability, covered: (1) strategies for onboarding and training PFAC members; (2) how to plan for the first PFAC meeting; and (3) how to leverage “early wins” to help sustain the PFAC. Dr. Thomas Workman, the PFEC Senior Technical Advisor, provided practical guidance and highlighted evidence-based tools to help hospitals successfully launch their PFACs. The event also featured a small community hospital—Duncan Regional Hospital in Duncan, OK—that recently reinvigorated its PFAC. Jodie Franzen, Director of Performance Excellence at Duncan Regional Hospital, and an advisor on the hospital’s PFAC, discussed the hospital’s experience with its PFAC and provided practical guidance on how to address early challenges.

Please see the PFEC’s next HIINgagement monthly newsletter for a full summary of this event.

To view and download slides from this event, visit the PFE Learning Event folder on the CoP found here.