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PfP – NCD Pacing Event: Impact of Hospital Cultural Transformation on Quality and Patient Experience

Senior Asian Couple Business Audience

Thursday, May 24, 2018, 10:00 a.m. to 11:00 a.m. PT.

Summary from 5/24 Pacing Event: “Impact of Hospital Cultural Transformation on Quality and Patient Experience”

This Pacing Event reinforced efforts to reduce harm and improve quality across care settings by focusing on the organizational cultural transformation that must occur in order to achieve a culture of safety that includes true partnerships with patients and family members. As part of these partnerships, patient advocates/advisors must feel that their voices are heard, much like patients in a hospital or medical office seek open communication and trust with their providers. Establishing this culture takes time, but it can contribute to improved quality results, such as reduced patient harm and improved patient experience. In addition, this work supports the PFE metrics on which participants in the PfP and TCPI programs are currently working to achieve continued progress.

To discuss this topic and highlight one health system’s journey, the session featured presentations from:

  • Jason Wolf, PhD, CPXP, President of The Beryl Institute, Founder and President of Patient Experience Institute and Founding Editor of Patient Experience Journal, who presented the work and results of the Beryl Institute’s 2018 Patient Experience Consumer Study, which reinforces the importance of listening to and communicating with patients; and
  • Representatives from Emory Health (Vizient HIIN), who discussed the organization’s cultural transformation journey, the critical role that patients and family advisors have in the organization’s quality improvement work, and the successes to which these partnerships have contributed, such as reductions in CAUTI, CLABSI, and SSIs.

To view and download slides and recording from this Pacing Event, click here.