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NCD Pacing Event: Health Equity

Adults with Medical Staff at Home Young Female Doctor

Thursday, February 28, 2019, 10:00 a.m. to 11:00 a.m. PT.

Summary from 2/28 Pacing Event: “Identifying Opportunities and Achievements in Health Equity: The HIIN-Developed Health Equity Organizational Assessment (HEOA)”

As HIINs and their partner hospitals continue to explore opportunities to identify and address healthcare disparities, this Pacing Event focused on the work of the HIIN-led Health Equity Affinity Group, which has developed the Health Equity Organizational Assessment (HEOA).

The HEOA is designed to provide a voluntary resource for HIINs and hospitals to examine hospital-level health equity efforts across a number of categories that address topics such as data collection, data stratification, and resolving identified disparities. Hospitals can use their data from the HEOA to develop action plans to improve their health equity efforts in support of their quality improvement work.

This session provided both the HIIN and hospital-level perspectives on this work with presentations by:

  • Kellie Goodson, MS, CPXP, Director, HIIN and TCPI Delivery at the Vizient HIIN, and Nicole Ford, MBA, CPHQ, Project Manager at the NYSPfP HIIN, who also serve as the co-leads for the Health Equity Affinity Group that developed the HEOA and is working with other HIINs to voluntarily test this resource with their hospitals.
  • Elna Nagasako, MD, PhD, MPH, Senior Consultant for Access & Equity, BJC HealthCare Center for Clinical Excellence (Vizient HIIN), and Assistant Professor, Division of General Medical Sciences, Department of Medicine at Washington University in St. Louis, who discussed BJC’s in-progress journey to identify and address health disparities, including what they have learned so far and how they have established the needed culture and leadership support.

The session was moderated by Kendall Hall, MD (NCD).

To view and download slides from this Pacing Event, click here.