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Hospital Testimonials

Young Female Doctor Adults with Medical Staff at Home

“We have benefited from attending many webinars and several in-person conferences regarding current quality and safety issues that all hospitals are dealing with. It has been helpful to see metrics that compare us to local and regional groups. Several of our leaders have presented or been involved with best-practice discussions on various topics, and we have enjoyed sharing our experiences and also hearing about the challenges and successes of others.”  —414-bed urban hospital

“Our infection prevention team finds HIIN tracers to be incredibly informative. We welcome their recommendations and appreciate the thorough review and honest feedback.”  —414-bed urban hospital

“The local collaborative workshops are an incredible opportunity to network and discuss learnings that can be realistically applied. We have enjoyed meeting colleagues at these workshops and being able to ask questions in person. Facility breakout data in addition to state level performance is extremely helpful in focusing our efforts for performance improvement, while providing appropriate context from a peer perspective.”  —523-bed urban hospital

“Availability of our quality advisor to come on-site to educate and share outcomes at committees and councils helps give credibility and awareness to the work. She has been a valued resource and makes herself available to answer questions/advise. HIIN tools, reports, and documents are user-friendly and are good resources.”  —523-bed urban hospital

“We’d like to sincerely thank you for your investment of time and talent to assess the SJO Pressure Injury Prevention and Wound Care Program. Your knowledge is evident, and your approach was appreciated. We look forward to the follow-up discussion and together reviewing your formal report in the next couple of weeks. Until then, thank you.”  —379-bed urban hospital

“You have been a supportive partner with us over the past year as we have worked successfully to reduce SSI.”  —350-bed urban hospital

“… Kept my attention with relevant information for today’s opioid epidemic.”  —400-bed urban hospital

“We really appreciated the kindness and non-threatening manner with which the findings were identified and shared.”  —436-bed urban hospital

“The sessions are very informative and the tools very useful.”  —375-bed urban hospital

“Great perspective with patient and family first-person stories. The information on addiction medicine—very informative and understandable.”  —240 bed urban hospital

“Every discussion was relevant and beneficial to my practice.”  —500-bed urban hospital

“The report information is invaluable.”  —287-bed urban hospital

“Our chief medical officer and several providers listened to the Opioid Stewardship Townhall Meeting for CAHs. It was wonderful to have information from a subject matter expert that was relatable to our unique population and needs.”  —25-bed CAH

“The team that visited our hospital has been a great resource for information since the day of the trace and we appreciate their continued input.”  —167-bed urban hospital

“Very collaborative, gave great feedback and provided all the references we need for the improvements that must be implemented.”  —180-bed urban hospital

“The HSAG HIIN infection prevention team was great to work with. They were professional, thorough, knowledgeable, and personable. Through the tracer and interaction with them, our team was able to identify areas of improvement that will help strengthen our current practices and/or processes. They were also great about acknowledging and pointing out areas in which we showed strength. They gave great immediate feedback with clear, understandable rationale, and were able to further back up their recommendations by providing evidence-based best-practice literature from multiple professional organizations when discussing the final evaluation. Furthermore, they were able to give us suggestions and input on how to navigate through some of the unique best-practice challenges we face at our facility. Their visit proved very insightful and helpful to our organization.”  —279-bed urban hospital

“This team has provided FREE expertise, great tools and sharing best practices. This is not available free of charge anywhere. This is extremely important for cash-strapped hospitals.”  —323-bed urban hospital

“The HSAG HIIN has benefited our facility by pushing us to look ahead at areas of quality that we need to improve before they become CMS requirements. All of the measures within the compendium are valuable in either spotlighting to us where we are doing well, or where we are falling short. We have Core Measures, which are of course very important, the HIIN measures take us further. I really enjoy the team collaboration that being a part of the HIIN provides, that there are no stupid questions, and we have the opportunity to share and learn from each other in these small groups. The tools and resources are awesome as well. The HIIN helps us to just be aware of what is on the horizon for quality, as well as helps us to see how we are doing now in comparison to our peers.”  —111-bed rural hospital