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One Organization's Key to Successful Patient Engagement

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Thursday, February 1, 2018

Part of John Muir Health's vision is to provide patients with a top-tier patient experience. Their brand promise is to “listen, explain, and work together as a team.” Team is defined as including the patient, their families, and caregivers. In today’s world, patients are expecting greater control over their care—John Muir Health believes that the more patients are engaged, the better the outcomes and compliance.

The “voice” of the patient is essential to transforming and improving the patient experience. John Muir Health has several methods of “listening” to the voice of the patient, including post-discharge surveys, follow-up phone calls, rounding during admission, and developing a patient and family advisory council (PFAC). The PFAC is a successful way to engage patients and family members. John Muir Health recruited patients and family members who had a “not-so-pleasant” experience but retained a sense of loyalty to the healthcare team. John Muir Health also engaged senior leaders, medical staff leaders, and board members. 

By listening and collaborating with its PFAC, John Muir Health has seen success in projects such as patient/family engagement, bedside reporting, improving patient educational materials, and adding patients to committees such as the Safety and Performance Improvement Committee (hospital) and Quality Improvement Committee (ambulatory). PFAC members have presented at governing board meetings, medical staff leadership meetings, and staff meetings.

This best practice was submitted by: Deborah Austin, MPA, Director, Patient Relations/Accreditation, John Muir Health