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Emergency Preparedness

Medical Team Looking at Xray

Healthcare providers, community-based organizations, and individuals in the community need to be ready to respond to emergencies, including Emerging Infectious Diseases (EIDs) and viral outbreaks such as COVID-19 or influenza, which can spread quickly and require a rapid, robust response to minimize spread. It is vital that all entities self-assess their ability to manage emergencies, are prepared with comprehensive and actionable emergency preparedness plans (EPPs), and are armed with checklists to operationalize logistics in the event of an emergency or healthcare crisis.

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February 21–June 19, 2024

Nursing Homes

HSAG is supporting nursing homes to ensure that your center's EPP encompasses EIDs as stated in QSO-21-15-ALL. Below is a stream-lined EID self-assessment checklist to download and complete with your team. This will give you a barometer reading of your center's EID preparedness strengths and opportunities for further focus. After completing the checklist please submit your EID results using the button below so HSAG can offer your center specific assistance.

Download NH EID Checklist

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HSAG is querying hospitals to attest that an EPP is in place. Please submit your responses to these three questions by using the button below. HSAG is available to provide EPP support to hospitals in need of assistance.

Attest Hospital EPP in Place

Emergency Preparedness Resources