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NHSN Enrollment and Set-Up

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CDC National Healthcare Safety Network (NHSN) Enrollment

6 Simple Steps to the CDC National Healthcare Safety Network (NHSN) Facility Enrollment and Set-Up For Long-Term Care Facilities (LTCF) (NHSN help desk)

Keep It Simple: A Guide to Adding and Deleting Users in NHSN and Changing Your NHSN Facility Administrator

NHSN LTC newsletter archives available at:

  • To get started in the NHSN enrollment process complete the necessary IT setup. Then, continue on and complete steps 1–5 of NHSN enrollment.

  • To obtain more information about this initiative email your state contact.

Prior to Starting Step 1:

Please view this short video and complete the necessary configuration steps on your computer to make sure you are able to receive communication from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

Required Online Training:


Important Reminders:

  • Read and electronically agree to the NHSN Facility/Group Administrator Rules of Behavior.
  • Register your email address** and the facility CMS Certification Number (CCN). CCN is a 6 digit number.
    • NOTE: You will use this ID to complete the enrollment process. **Use the same email address for all enrollment steps.
  • After registration, you will receive two e-mails:
    1. NHSN "Welcome to NHSN!"
    2. SAMS-no-reply "Invitation to Register"


  • From the "Invitation to Register" email, log in to SAMS, accept the SAMS Rule of Behavior, and complete the online SAMS registration form.
    • NOTE: Within 24 hours of successful online registration, you will receive a SAMS "Identity Verification Request" email.

SAMS Identity Proofing:

  • From the "Identify Verification Request" email, print and complete Identify Verification Form.
  • Take completed form to a notary public for endorsement.
  • Digitally upload, fax, or mail the completed and notarized Identity Verification Form and supporting documentation to the CDC. Make copies of supporting documents.
  • After CDC processes the documents, you will receive "SAMS Account Activation" and "SAMS Activity Authorization" emails.
    • NOTE: The approval process can take up to three weeks.
  • You will receive your SAMS grid card (delivered by US Postal Service to your home address).
    • NOTE: If you do not receive your SAMS grid card within two weeks after receiving your SAMS e-mail approval, contact for assistance.

  • Login NHSN Enrollment with your username and password from Step 3 and your SAMS grid card, and select "Enroll a Facility".
    • NOTE: You are enrolling in the NHSN Long Term Care Facility Component.
  • Complete required forms, including contact information and Annual Facility Survey.
  • Shortly after successfully submitting the forms, you will receive an "NHSN Facility Enrollment Submitted" email.

Annual Facility Survey Training

Goals of this training:

  • Understand the role of the long-term care (LTC) Annual Facility Survey in NHSN.
  • Identify the information required for the annual facility survey.
  • Demonstrate how to enter the information into NHSN for the Annual Facility Survey.

View NHSN Annual Facility Survey Training Video

Download NHSN Annual Facility Survey Training Handout

Agreement to Participate:

  • From the "NHSN Enrollment Submitted" email, access and print the Agreement to Participate.
  • Get consent form signatures from the "Long-Term Care Primary Contact Person" and the facility's leadership (Administrator).
  • Return the signed consent form to CDC (see page 3 for contact information); keep a copy for your records.
  • Within 3 business days of CDC's receipt of a signed consent form, receive an "NHSN Enrollment Approved" email.

Confer Rights to HSAG and the QIN-NCC:

NOTE: Steps 1–3 must be completed prior to reporting required data to NHSN.

Step 1: Map Locations

Step 2: Create Monthly Reporting Plan

Step 3: Add Users and Assign Rights

  • Each user will need to complete training and register with SAMS.
  • We suggest a facility identify at least two (2) users with administrative rights.
    • Tip: Set-up is a good time to add other users to assist with reporting.


  • Access NHSN reporting at
  • Start entering events for the modules selected in the monthly reporting plan.

Review the appropriate LTCF Component protocols to ensure accurate reporting.

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2 Simple Steps to Prepare for CDC NHSN Reporting for LTCFs.


Download NHSN Adding Users Training Handout

Goals of this training:

  • Understand the role of the facility administrator.
  • Understand the various rights that can be granted to users.
  • Learn how to add and deactivate users.

For more information on NHSN set-up visit:


Download NHSN Mapping Training Handout

Goals of this training:

  • Understand the importance of unit mapping in NHSN.
  • Learn the steps needed to complete unit mapping in NHSN.
  • Demonstrate the unit mapping process in NHSN.
  • Learn about modifications in mapping when a facility has unit changes.

For more information on NHSN set-up visit: