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Blood Pressure Drug May Help with Diabetes Treatment

Provider Medical Team

Verapamil may help halt the loss of beta cells in the pancreas—cells that produce insulin—according to researchers from the University of Alabama at Birmingham School of medicine. Currently, verapamil is used to treat hypertension and has been newly identified as having beta-cell protective qualities as reported in the journal Nature Medicine. Researchers discovered a beta-cell gene named TXNIP is involved in the body’s response to high glucose levels, including depressing the production of protein thioredoxin, which prevents beta cell death. Researchers then sought to depress TXNIP with verapamil in heart cells, and their premise was right: TXNIP slowed the death of beta cells. In their current study of verapamil, human subjects held onto more of their own insulin production and required less insulin over time. Read more at the Healthline website article.