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Tobacco Cessation Tools for Providers


Anti-Smoking Infographics for Providers

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention's gallery of infographics on the dangers of smoking is downloadable at no-cost.

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Arizona Smokers' Helpline

For help in how to quit smoking, the Arizona Smokers' Helpline is there to lend assistance to Arizona residents.

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Ask and Act Tobacco Cessation Program

The American Academy of Family Physicians has developed its "Ask and Act" tobacco cessation program to encourage family physicians to ask all patients about tobacco use and to help them quit. Interventions, group visit tools, pharmacological guides, and more are provided.

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Mobile Tools Boost Tobacco Screening and Cessation Counseling

Research from Columbia University School of Nursing suggests that having nurses use mobile phones loaded with tobacco screening guidelines prompted them to screen patients in 84% of visits and to offer cessation counseling to 99% of smokers who sought to quit.

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'Quit Smoking' Messages Less Likely to Stop Smokers from Smoking Says Study

In reviewing 600 articles related to smoking self-stigma, researchers found that the stereotypes smokers encounter are almost all negative. The researchers contend if smoking is stigmatized, people may find it harder to quit because of the negative emotions they feel (including anger,...

View Resource is intended to help individuals quit smoking. It provides materials and a text messaging program to help people quit. The benefit for providers is that when they enroll their patients online, they will have demonstrated meaningful use of electronic health record technology.

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Smoking Cessation May Improve Mental Health

A new study from Washington University School of Medicine reveals that people with mood or addiction problems can safely quit and experience improved mental health.

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Smoking More Harmful Than Thought

Smokers are twice as likely to die from infections, kidney diseases, and digestive diseases, as reported by Forbes. Read the actual study cited by Forbes, as published in the New England Journal of Medicine.

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The Health Consequences of Smoking Fact Sheet from the Surgeon General

The Surgeon General's Fact Sheet on the Health Consequences of Smoking, indicates among other findings, that the risk of diabetes is higher among smokers than non-smokers. Download the 2014 full report (PDF) from the Department of Health and Human Services website.

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