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Could Goal-Oriented EHR Functionality Optimize Outcomes?

Medical Team Medical Worker

Researchers from the University of Oklahoma Health Science Center Department of Family and Preventive Medicine has discovered that shifting to goal-oriented healthcare rather than problem-directed healthcare can improve patient outcomes. Their study was published in the Annals of Family Medicine. When the focus is on problems and fee-for-documentation health systems, then the EHR fails to meet the needs, values, and goals of patients. “The design of current EHRs may reinforce episodic, procedure-driven care, as opposed to continuous, collaborative, whole-person–centered primary care,” stated lead author Zsolt J. Nagykaldi, PhD. The study researchers recommend that a goal-directed EHR design would be better suited to help patients and clinicians set and track health goals across the care continuum. Read more at the EHR Intelligence article.