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Could Goal-Oriented EHR Functionality Optimize Outcomes?

Medical Team Looking at Xray Nurse Talking with Senior Patient

Researchers from the University of Oklahoma Health Science Center Department of Family and Preventive Medicine has discovered that shifting to goal-oriented healthcare rather than problem-directed healthcare can improve patient outcomes. Their study was published in the Annals of Family Medicine. When the focus is on problems and fee-for-documentation health systems, then the EHR fails to meet the needs, values, and goals of patients. “The design of current EHRs may reinforce episodic, procedure-driven care, as opposed to continuous, collaborative, whole-person–centered primary care,” stated lead author Zsolt J. Nagykaldi, PhD. The study researchers recommend that a goal-directed EHR design would be better suited to help patients and clinicians set and track health goals across the care continuum. Read more at the EHR Intelligence article.