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Trim and Fit? You May Still Have Heart Disease

Medical Team Looking at Xray Medical Team

The author relates a cautionary tale of her sibling whose coronary arteries showed blockage despite living a heart healthy life, being thin, and having cardiovascular numbers within normal range. An echo electrocardiogram (EKG) revealed mild abnormality, and a subsequent angiogram showed 80 percent blockage. Essential takeaway: “Although coronary artery disease does not always produce symptoms, when symptoms occur they should not be ignored but rather brought to a doctor’s attention with minimal delay. Symptoms may include unusual fatigue; decreased endurance during physical activity; shortness of breath, chest pain or discomfort upon exertion; dizziness or palpitations; unexplained arm or jaw pain; and indigestion that is unrelieved by antacids.” Read more at the New York Times article.