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Study Suggests E-Cigarettes Cause More Harm Than Good

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While sometimes touted as a means to quit smoking or to reduce tobacco use, e-cigarettes may pose greater harm than good, according to new research. A population-level risk model was used by Dartmouth College researchers to explore e-cigarette use and its link to smoking cessation whose results were published in the PLOS ONE journal. Of the adults who used e-cigarettes in 2014 to quit traditional cigarettes, the model estimated that 2,070 current smokers would quit in 2015 and remain abstinent for at least 7 years. Moreover, these 2,070 additional long-term quitters would gain nearly 3,000 years of life, representing an overall negative loss of life. This led researchers to conclude that the benefits of using e-cigarettes would have to be demonstrably higher for its usage to outweigh its disadvantages. Read more this AAFP article.