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The No Place Like Home, Phase 2 Campaign engages providers within communities to collectively improve issues related to medication management. The Campaign requires broad and committed participation from providers throughout the community.

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Your pledge commits your organization to the following actions:

  1. Conduct three medication management performance improvement projects (PIPs) over the next four years (January 1, 2015–December 31, 2018).
  2. Designate two staff members: (1) a team leader and (2) a pharmacy or physician champion for your facility.
  3. Conduct a medication management assessment (MMA).
  4. Develop an action plan that addresses the items identified in the MMA.
  5. Collect and analyze data to monitor the effectiveness of the action plan through monthly process measures that support the Quality Assessment & Performance Improvement (QAPI) process.
  6. Participate in scheduled collaborative sessions, such as in-person education, webinars/teleconferences, and opportunities to share experiences, strategies, and lessons learned.
  7. Create a storyboard of your organization’s use of the Plan-Do-Study-Act (PSDA) approach in the medication management process that will be shared at the 2017 mid-campaign conference and updated for the final campaign conference.
  8. Agree to publicly disclose Campaign participation (organization name displayed in documents and on the Campaign website).
1 Marek, K.D., and Antle, L. Chapter 18. Medication Management of the Community-Dwelling Older Adult. Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality. (2008). Patient Safety and Quality: An Evidence-Based Handbook for Nurses. AHRQ Publication No. 08-0043. Rockville, MD.
2 Foster, A.J., Murff, H.J., Peterson, J.F. et al. (2003). The incidence and severity of adverse events affecting patients after discharge from the hospital. Ann Intern Med, 2003 Feb 4; 138(3): 161-7.

I pledge to the actions listed above and commit our organization to participate
in the No Place Like Home, Phase 2 Campaign. 

Contact information for persons who will be responsible for the Campaign at your organization:
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