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No Place Like Home Tools & Resources

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Behavioral Health

American Psychiatric Association

On this website, you can learn about common mental disorders, their symptoms, risk factors, and treatment options.

Arizona Community Action Association People's Guide

This guide lists resources for the elderly, children, disabled, homeless, and those affected by domestic violence.  

Arizona Department of Economic Security

The Department of Economic Security works with families, community organizations, advocates, and state and federal partners to realize the collective vision that every child, adult, and family in the state of Arizona will be safe and economically secure. 

Arizona Self Help

View this website for community members for one-stop access to see if they qualify to receive help from 40 different health and human services programs. 

Aunt Bertha

On this website you can search for free or reduced cost services like medical care, food, job training, and more. 

Medication Management

A Medication History Toolkit

This toolkit is designed to improve hospital processes for obtaining an accurate medication history.

Arizona Medication Management Tools

You will find downloads for specific tools and resources to assess your organization and assist your partners in managing medications for your patients.

Assess Your Organization: Medication Management Assessment Tools

The Medication Management Assessment and accompanying Adverse Drug Event (ADE) Gap Analysis components provide evidence-based recommendations and standards for hospitals in the development of a comprehensive medication safety program. The tools reflect published literature and guidelines by relevant professional organizations and regulatory agencies.

BPIP Medication Management Package

The Best Practice Intervention Package (BPIP) includes a successful medication management program that encourages providers to work across settings, uses an interdisciplinary approach, and applies patient-centered teaching methods. This focused BPIP provides patient-friendly tools to improve health literacy and includes a tool and resource guide as well as a clinician guide.

Note: The Home Health Quality Improvement (HHQI) website requires registration to access this document.

CHAMP Geriatric Medication Management Toolkit

The Collaboration for Homecare Advances in Management and Practice (CHAMP) program includes evidence-based tools for homecare professionals to help seniors manage multiple and high-risk medications.

Organizational Assessment

5 Key Areas Overview

Tips on areas known to reduce avoidable readmissions, including discharge planning, medication management, patient/family engagement, transition care support, and transition communications. 

5 Whys Worksheet

This worksheet will help your organization identify the root cause of your initial problem.

Organizational Assessment Summary, Arizona

Use this worksheet to help establish focus areas for your organization. 

Organizational Assessment Summary, California

Use this worksheet to help establish focus areas for your organization. Organizational Assessment Summary, California

Perfect 10 Challenge, Arizona

Sometimes, getting control of avoidable readmissions is as simple as targeting just 10 patients a month. This flyer give examples of how to do it.