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Readmission Data

Medical Team Looking at Xray Medical Team
NPLHAZImageMap Region 1

Region 1: Northern Arizona
12.7% Readmission Rate

Region 2

Region 2: Southern Arizona 
14.7% Readmission Rate

Region 3

Region 3: Western Arizona
14.5% Readmission Rate

Region 4

Region 4: West Valley 
15.4% Readmission Rate

Region 5

Region 5: Central Valley
14.6% Readmission Rate

Region 6

Region 6: East Valley
14.8% Readmission Rate


Regional Readmission Reports

As the Medicare Quality Improvement Organization (QIO) for Arizona, the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) provide HSAG with Arizona Medicare Fee-for-Service Part-A data. HSAG analyzes the data and produces reports for the regions shown in the map on a quarterly basis to assist community providers and hospital leadership in identifying gaps and opportunities for improvement.

Download the statewide report.

Hospital-Specific Readmission Reports

These reports are uploaded to each hospital's QNET account on a quarterly basis. For assistance downloading your hospital's report, please review the QNET instructions or if you have questions regarding QualityNet use, please contact the QualityNet help desk at: or 866.288.8912.