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Care Coordination

Provider in Home with Senior Patients Medical Worker

Healthcare is changing as payment models are shifting from quantity to quality. California providers are taking steps to reduce costly avoidable hospital readmissions, and Health Services Advisory Group (HSAG), the state’s Medicare Quality Improvement Organization (QIO), is here to help. With improvement tools, learning events, data analysis, and more, HSAG’s goal is to collaborate with partners and providers throughout the state to improve patient transitions from one setting to another. We convene providers, partners, patients, and families at the community level to build and share knowledge, spread best practices, and integrate care to achieve rapid, wide-scale improvements in patient care, increases in population health, and lower healthcare costs for all Californians. 

Readmission Data

HSAG analyzes the data and produces reports on a quarterly basis to assist community providers and hospital leadership in identifying gaps and opportunities for improvement.

Readmission Rates for CA