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Florida Tools and Resources

Medical Team Nurse Talking with Senior Patient

You will find downloads for specific Florida tools and resources to assess your organization and assist you in managing medications for your patients.

Provider Facts and Tip Sheets 

Reducing ADEs—What Providers Can Do
This information sheet outlines high-risk medication-related readmissions in Florida, with tips for providers to reduce the risk of ADEs for their patients.

Quick Tips for Prescribers—Anticoagulants
Tips for reducing ADEs involving anticoagulant medications

Quick Tips for Prescribers—Diabetic Agents
Tips for reducing ADEs involving diabetic agents

Quick Tips for Prescribers—Opioids
Tips for reducing ADEs involving opioids

ADE Facts for Hospitals

Reducing ADEs—Best Practices
This information sheet for Florida outlines the importance of medication safety and hospital readmissions, with stats on high-risk medication readmissions in the state.

ADE Best Practice Reference Tool
Resource references for Medication reconciliation, bedside delivery, pharmacist counseling, post-discharge follow-up, medication therapy management, and medication history.

National Resources for Medication Management

Medication Management Resources
Find a list of nationally recognized resources that include tools and best practices for medication management.

Quality Improvement Workbook
Find all the tools you need to plan your quality improvement journey, from how to form a team, discovering root causes, creating a plan, and assessing your plan.

7-Day Readmission Checklist and Audit Tool and Instructions
Instruction sheet for how to use and complete the 7-Day Readmission Checklist and Audit Tool .

7-Day Readmission Checklist and Audit Tool 
Obtain insight into why a readmission within 7 days has occurred and how it could have been avoided.

Readmission Patient Interview Tool
Conduct a comprehensive interview of the patient, family member, or care team following a readmission.

Zone Tools for Patients 
Find handouts to download for asthma, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), diabetes, heart disease, kidney health, and much more.

Teach-Back Tools
Discover tools and downloadable worksheets for teach-back, including handouts for competency, teach-back observation, coaching, and video resources here.

Community Resources

Find a variety of Florida resources on the Community Resources page.

You can also find links to national resources that include care coordination in a number of areas:

All Care Coordination National Resources

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   Medicare Initiatives

   Medication Management


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   Teach-Back Training

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