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Antipsychotic Medication Reduction

Non-pharmacologic Toolkit for Senior Living Communities

This toolkit was prepared for the Commonwealth Fund in collaboration with the Hartford Foundation. Ann Kolanowski, RN, Ph.D., and Kimberly Van Haitsma, Ph.D., served as the coordinators of the expert panel who compiled much of the information contained in the toolkit.

Improving Dementia Care & Reducing Unnecessary Use of Antipsychotics - Process Assessment Tool

This tool can provide nursing homes with a guide for assessing resident and individualized planning to improve dementia care and reduce unnecessary use of antipsychotics.

National Nursing Home Quality Improvement (NNHQI) Campaign Antipsychotic Medication Resources

This webpage provides a gamut of quality improvement resources related to antipsychotic medications.

Care Coordination

Top 10 Things You Should Know About the SNF Readmission Measure

This handout provides information on the skilled nursing facility readmission measure (SNFRM) and how the measure is used to evaluate SNFs in the SNF value-based payment (VBP) program.

Accessing Official Rehospitalization Data Tip Sheet

This tip sheet will show you how to view your official rehospitalization data by accessing your Certification and Survey Provider Enhanced Reports (CASPER) Confidential Feedback Report.

CMS' SNF Adverse Drug Event Trigger Tool

This tool was created by CMS as a resource document for SNFs containing necessary information for evaluating high risk medications/prevent unnecessary admissions or readmissions. It was designed to be a crosswalk that lists common potentially preventable ADEs, risk factors, triggers, and probes.

All-Cause Harm Prevention in Nursing Homes

Change Package: All-Cause Harm Prevention in Nursing Homes

This Change Package aims to serve as a key resource to prevent harm (adverse events, abuse, and neglect) and improve quality of life through safer care for nursing home residents across the country.

Consistent Assignment

National Nursing Home Quality Improvement Campaign Consistent Assignment Resources

National Nursing Home Quality Improvement Campaign (formerly known as Advancing Excellence in America's Nursing Homes) resources and tools to help nursing homes implement consistent assignment.

Facility Assessment Tool

Facility Assessment Tool Template

This is an optional template provided for nursing facilities, and if used, it may be modified. Each facility has flexibility to decide the best way to comply with this requirement.

Five-Star Quality Rating System

Improvements to Nursing Home Compare, April 2016

Further Improvements to the Nursing Home Compare Five-Star Quality Rating System

Five-Star Quality Rating System Technical Users' Guide

This document provides a comprehensive description of the design for the Nursing Home Compare Five-Star
Quality Rating System.

Nursing Home Compare Five-Star Quality Rating System: Technical Users’ Guide State-Level Health Inspection Cut Point Table –Updated September 2018

This document - Five Star Quality Rating System Technical Users' Guide: State Level Health Inspection
Cut Point Table - provides the data for the state-level cut points for the star ratings included in the health
inspection domain.

Hospital Admissions/Readmissions

Care Coordination

This HSAG webpage contains information and resources related to care coordination.

Nursing Home to Hospital Bi-Directional Transfer

This graphical process map references bidirectional transfers from the nursing home to the emergency department/hospital and the activities that may need to occur during each transition point or exchange.


Resources to Support Incontinence Management for Residents Living in Nursing Homes

This is a resources list for incontinence management. This document provides a list of resources to support incontinence management for residents living in nursing homes. (updated 7/30/2017)

Incontinence Quality Measure Tool Flowchart

This quality measure tool is meant to assist in the proper MDS coding for low-risk residents who lose control of bowel and bladder.

Infection Control

Long-Stay Influenza Vaccine Quality Measure Overview

This document provides an overview of the influenza quality measure, MDS coding requirements, and more.

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) Vaccine Schedules Mobile App

This app provides quick access to information about vaccines and dosages for healthcare professionals. It features information on contraindications and precautions; recommended vaccines for adults by age group and by medical conditions, immunization education and training, and much more. The app is available for free on Apple and Android smartphones and tablets.

Toolkit: Reduce CAUTI and Other HAIs

This is an Agency for Healthcare and Research (AHRQ) Toolkit To Reduce CAUTI and other Healthcare AssociatedInfections (HAIs) in Long-Term Care (LTC) Facilities and can be used to help LTCs reduce catheter-associated urinary tract infection (CAUTI) and improve practices to prevent HAIs.


National Nursing Home Quality Improvement Campaign

Mobility resources, educational materials, and tools.

Continuing Care Activity Measure

A performance-based measure of gross motor function and mobility developed for long-term care.

Timed Up and Go (TUG) Test

A widely based performance-based measure of functional mobility in community dwelling older adults.

Newsletter Archive

August Newsletter: Issue 36

Topic: Nursing Home Training Session 1

July Newsletter: Issue 35

Topic: Nursing Home Training Session 6

June Newsletter, Issue 34

Topics: Nourish teamwork and communication, preventing falls with major injury, QAPI corner, and more.

Nursing Home CDI Initiative

National Healthcare Safety Network (NHSN) Guide to Enrollment, Set-up, and Reporting

The purpose of this guide is to take you through the steps to begin your participation in the Florida Nursing Home NHSN (FL NH-NHSN) Cohort. This guide is not meant to stand alone, but to supplement the training you will receive by our team at Health Services Advisory Group (HSAG) to support you through this process. Detailed NH-NHSN enrollment, set-up, and reporting instructions are available on the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) website: and on the HSAG website:

Nursing Home Training Sessions

Nursing Home Training Sessions (NHTS) Introduction

This site is an introduction to a set of training sessions aimed to provide nursing home leaders with training materials that can be used to enhance understanding of important concepts and practices that promote stewardship and C. difficile prevention, and provide information, tools, and resources...

Training Session 1: TeamSTEPPS® in LTC: Communication Strategies to Promote Quality and Safety

This session is one of a series of six sessions for nursing homes to support implementation of principles and practices of antibiotic stewarship and prevention and management of C. difficile infections.

Training Session 2: Exploring Antibiotics and their Role in Fighting Bacterial Infections

This session is one of a series of six sessions for nursing homes to support implementation of principles and practices of antibiotic stewarship and prevention and management of C. difficile infections.

Peer Coach Training

Nursing Home Success Story Collection

This worksheet helps nursing homes collect success stories of their nursing home residents and staff.

Person Centered Care

Special Needs Group-Higher Functioning Residents

This resource provides a schedule of daily group activities for activity planning for higher functioning residents.

Special Needs Group

This resource provides a schedule of daily group activities for activity planning.

IATB Dementia Care LLC My Way...An Advanced Directive

This advanced directive allows an individual to express their daily preferences and wishes in the event that he/she becomes cognitively impaired.

Physical Restraints

Restraints, Enablers, and Safety Considerations

A guide designed to separate the concepts of restraining, enabling, and risk, and to aide nursing home staff in completing the assessment and care planning when using any device.

Restraints-Staff Attitudinal Survey

A survey tool to be completed by staff to evaluate their attitudes toward the use of restraints.


A step-by-step guide designed to aide staff to prevent or eliminate the use of restraints.

Pressure Ulcers

Pressure Ulcer Investigation Tool

The purpose of this investigation tool is to help identify the root cause for the development of a specific resident's pressure ulcer (PU) and to help identify potential breaks in your system and/or opportunities for improvement.

Protein-Energy Malnutrition

This fact sheet provides a definition and values commonly used to grade the severity of protein-energy malnutrition.

Pressure Ulcer Data Collection

This is a data collection tool to help nursing home staff code high risk pressure ulcers according to the RAI manual.

Quality Assurance & Performance Improvement (QAPI) Resources

Quality Assurance & Performance Improvement: An Electronic Resource Library

CMS has developed an extensive resource library of tools and worksheets to assist nursing homes with implementing QAPI practices. This guide is organized according to the CMS Process Tool Framework.

Nursing Home Change Package v2.2 (April 2017)

Nursing homes participating in the National Nursing Home Quality Care Collaborative can use this change package to instill quality and performance improvement practices in their facilities.

Centers for Medicare & Medicaid QAPI Resources

This website provides a library of QAPI tools and resources as CMS strives to provide nursing home providers with access to resources (materials or websites) to support QAPI implementation.

SNF Quality Reporting Program

Nursing Home Quality Initiative Quality Measures

This manual is specific to the SNH QRP. The manual used to calculate measures for the Nursing Home Quality Initiative (NHQI) can be found in the downloads section of the NHQI Quality Measures webpage.

Final Specifications for SNF QRP Quality Measures and Standardized Resident Assessment Data Elements

This manual presents methods used to calculate quality measures that are included in the CMS SNF QRP. This manual provides detailed information for each quality measure, including quality measure definitions, inclusion and exclusion criteria and measure calculation specifications.

CDI Cohort Monthly Update

August Issue

Topics: Test for a Cure, Fluoroquinolones, and more.

July Issue

Topic: Thank you for your commitment

June Issue

Topic: 3,000 nursing homes contribute to CDI baseline rate.

Survey and Certification

CMS Survey and Certification Memo: 17-36-NH

This memo is the revision to State Operations Manual (SOM) Appendix PP for Phase 2, F-Tag Revisions, and Related Issues.

State Operations Manual (SOM) Appendix PP for Phase 2

This document is the revised changes to the SOM Appendix PP and incorporates the revised Requirements of Participation for Medicare and Medicaid certified nursing facilities.

Trauma-Informed Care

Resources to Support Trauma Informed Care for Persons in Post-Acute and Long-Term Care Settings

This is a comprehensive, but not all inclusive, list of resources that may be helpful for nursing homes as they work to ensure that residents who are trauma survivors receive culturally competent, trauma-informed care in accordance with professional standards of practice and accounting for residents’ experiences and preferences in order to eliminate or mitigate triggers that may cause re-traumatization of the resident (per §483.25(m) requirement that will be implemented beginning November 28, 2019).