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Minority Health Month

Senior Asian Couple Adults with Medical Staff at Home

National Minority Health Month 2019: Active & Healthy

The theme for 2019, Active & Healthy, emphasizes theOMHMinorityHeathMonthlogo health benefits of adding even small amounts of moderate-to-vigorous physical activity into your schedule. Most importantly, physical activity promotes health and reduces the risk of chronic diseases and other conditions that are more common or severe among racial and ethnic minority groups. HSAG supports the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services Office of Minority Health (OMH) in highlighting how physical exercise can help reduce health disparities. HSAG encourages you to use the resources and tools below in support of this year's Minority Health Month. For more information on the health observance, visit the OMH Minority Health Month page.

Download these resources to help your medical team achieve better health outcomes for all your patients.

Be sure to spread the word on social mediaSpeard the Word icon by inserting the National Minority Health Month logo on your website and social media channels. Stay on top of the latest National Minority Health Month events by signing up for OMH email updates or follow them on Twitter and Facebook.

Move Your Way Fact Sheet for Older Adults (English/Spanish)—Learn how to get the physical activity you need and its health benefits.

More People Walk for Better Health—Learn how walking can help you achieve better health.

Activity Guidelines for Older Americans (Chapter 5, pg.66)—Get guidance on the type and amount of exercise recommended for adults ages 65 and older.

Applying the Social Determinants of Health—Use this HSAG handout to identify social determinants as you care for your patients.

Move Your Way Fact Sheet for Providers—Use this handout to help you start the conversation with patients about being more physically active.

Move Your Way Poster (English/Spanish)—Hang this poster in your medical office waiting room to encourage physical activity.

Move Your Way Videos—Play these videos in your medical office waiting room to help your patients overcome barriers to greater physical activity:

Cardiac and Immunization Mini Toolkit—This toolkit will help you engage patients and families in your effort to reduce cardiac and immunization health equity gaps.

Essential Tools for Providers—Download materials related to cultural competency, cardiac best practices, immunization resources, and more from the HSAG Physician Office webpage.