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Dementia Care

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What is dementia?

Dementia causes a decrease in a person’s mental ability. It interferes with day-to-day living.  Alzheimer's disease is the most common type of dementia. The Alzheimer's Association® describes the stages of the disease, and its signs and symptoms. For a description of all types of dementia, the National Institute on Aging provides answers.

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What are some ways to cope with behaviors linked to dementia?

Get more information on the disease and tips for coping with dementia and its linked behaviors. Learn about symptoms such as anxiety, anger, and symptoms that get worse at night. For caregiving tips and resources, the National Institute on Aging offers suggestions.

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Want to talk to someone?

The Alzheimer's Association provides a toll-free helpline at 1.800.272.3900. The helpline provides reliable information and support anytime, day or night. Need help in discussing Alzheimer's with family and friends? The National Institute on Aging has a Caring for a Person with Alzheimer's guide with tangible answers.

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Want to hear from the experts?

Come and watch our videos on dementia. Learn about care planning, crime prevention, and doctor-to-patient conversations. Many of the videos are available in Spanish.