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Diabetes Care

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Do you want general diabetes information?

Find resources at the National Institutes of Health senior health website. Get information on health risks, diet and exercise, medications, and more. You will find videos and quizzes that test your knowledge of diabetes.

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Want to know your risk for diabetes?

The American Diabetes Association has created an online Diabetes Risk Test that can be completed in less than a minute.

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Are you prepared to prevent diabetes?

Check out the National Diabetes Prevention Program from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), where you will find tools and resources to help you prevent type 2 diabetes.

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Looking for simple steps to manage diabetes?

This guide highlights four steps to help you manage diabetes (spanish version). Learn about the disease, how to live with this condition, and how to obtain routine healthcare.

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Want to talk to someone?

The American Diabetes Association® provides a number you can call for help. Their website offers tips about long-term care planning for people with diabetes.

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Diabetes and heart failure—what's the connection?

John Hopkins researchers found that people with diabetes may have a risk of heart failure up to six times greater than non-diabetic patients even if their cholesterol is low and they look healthy. The National Diabetes Education Program provides web page discussing how diabetes, heart disease, and stroke are related.


Want to learn how your medicines work on managing your diabetes? (Spanish language)

This Spanish-language poster shows how diabetes medications work to help manage the disease.


Want to learn how high blood sugar affects your body?

Watch this animated video to see how too much sugar affects your blood. Download this Spanish-language poster for information on how high blood sugar affects your body.


Interested in learning how to take care of your feet for life?

The Everyone with Diabetes Counts Program provides a set of multi-language flyers showing how to care for your feet and prevent serious foot problems. You also can download a flyer in Spanish showing how to make your own foot test tool.


Ready to become more involved in the diabetes community?

Learn about World Diabetes Day at the International Diabetes Federation website.


Want help in managing your weight?

Reach your goal weight by using the National Institutes of Health's Body Weight Planner.


Want to know how to safely dispose of needles?

Safely dispose of needles or sharps by visiting Safe Needle Disposal, where you will find out about your state's disposal rules.