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Reports and Articles


Association of Community Cancer Centers (ACCC)

ACCC: Transitions between care settings for cancer patients.

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Center for Healthcare Research and Transformation

Policy paper on care transitions: Best practices and evidence-based programs.

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Coleman Care Transitions Intervention

To improve patient transitions from one care setting to another, CHCF funded the implementation of the Coleman Care Transitions Intervention in 10 California communities.

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H2H Cardiovascular Care

H2H is an initiative of the American College of Cardiology and the Institute for Healthcare Improvement to reduce unnecessary readmissions and improve care.

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Improving Transitions

Robert Wood Johnson Foundation: A national conversation about improving transitions and reducing readmissions.

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Interventions for People With Heart Failure

This resource describes a comparative effectiveness review of transitional care interventions to prevent readmissions for people with heart failure.

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Medication Management

This resource reviews medication management, continuous quality improvement, cost justifications, the use of technology, and pharmacy team involvement.

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The Hospitalist

this article describes implementing change and goals for improving the transition of care.

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