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Mental Health


Advanced Directive

A directive that provides information to caregivers regarding how the individual has preferred to perform ADLs, sleep preferences, hobbies, former occupation(s).

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Dementia Oversight Team.Care Options Meeting (DOT.COM) Overview

A fact sheet about how DOT.COM can help address need-driven behaviors in nursing home residents with dementia.

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Dementia Training Series for Nursing Homes

This training provides nursing homes with information that emphasizes person-centered care for persons with dementia, and the prevention of abuse.

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Describing Needs-Driven Behavior

A one-page tool to help describe nursing home residents' needs-driven behavior expressions.

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DOT.COM Care Approach Tool

A one-page tool to help assess pre-admission person-centered care in nursing homes.

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Identifying Causes of Behavior

A two-page tool to help identify potential causes of needs-driven behavioral expression symptoms in nursing home residents.

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