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Patient Portals


Can Strong Patient Outreach Drive Patient Portal Enrollment?

Research from the 2016 AHIMA Conference revealed that extensive patient outreach can improve patient portal enrollment, satisfaction and communication.

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Email, Text or Web Portal? Study Probes Patients’ Preferences for Receiving Test Results

Researchers from Georgetown University Center found that most respondents to their survey of 409 patients preferred receiving medical test results through password-protected websites or portals. Read more here.

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How Does Patient Portal Use Affect Various Patient Populations?

According to the latest research, patient portal use varies based on a patient’s socioeconomic status. Based on 1,571 subjects enrolled in a five-year hypertension patient portal study, researchers discovered that only 18.2 percent of patients on the lowest socioeconomic rung and 19 percent on the...

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How Patient Portals Profit Providers

Both patient engagement and retention are supported through patient portal use, as explained in this article. Tips on how to implement and optimize the user experience are detailed.

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Patient Portal Adoption Diverges Among Older Generation

This article summarizes discoveries made by Northwestern University researchers who found significant differences among the older generation regarding their patient portal adoption. Some key differences include health literacy, education, and racial disparities. Highly educated patients were...

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Patient Portal Adoption Hinges on Unique Demographic Barriers

An article in the Journal of the American Board of Family Medicine indicates that patient portal adoption among the 36,549 patients offered access at the OCHIN practice-based research network revealed unique demographic identifiers that signal lower portal adoption. Specifically, the researchers...

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Personal Health Record Associated with Improved Medication Adherence

This article showcases a study of an online portal and its associated medication adherence benefits and improved patient outcomes concerning lower cholesterol levels.

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Stakeholder Collaboration Can Boost Patient Portal Enrollment

Consulting patients, practice leadership, and providers can help healthcare organizations identify potential barriers to patient portal adoption, according to research published in the Journal of Medical Internet Research. Gaining an understanding of the issues behind low portal uptake was pursued...

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The Business Case for Increasing Patient Portal

Adoption of patient portals lags behind that of demand, according to this Healthcare informatics article. New research findings are described in this story that suggest financial repercussions for portal creation, along with clinical advantages such as better patient engagement and care...

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Three Tips to Help Providers Boost Patient Portal Adoption Rates

Providing direct guidance to patients, including highlighting its benefits helps improve portal adoption, according to clinicians interviewed by Patient Engagement HIT.

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Which Patient Portal Features Deliver the Best Care Outcomes?

New research suggests that different portal features influence outcomes differently. A study published in the Journal of Medical Internet Research shows that patients who used secure direct messaging experienced better health outcomes than those who used prescription refill features.

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