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ESRD Network 13 Agreement

Diverse Support Group Patient with Doctor

Memorandum of Understanding

Our facility hereby joins other End-Stage Renal Disease (ESRD) treatment facilities in Network 13 in agreeing to participate in the activities of the Network as provided in 42 CFR Part 494.180(i) [Dialysis Facility Conditions for Coverage] or 42 CFR Part 482.104(c) [Transplant Center Conditions of Participation] of the Department of Health and Human Services regulations.

Our facility agrees to meet Network goals and participate in the activities of the Network, including data collection, quality improvement activities, resolution of grievances, consultation on cases related to involuntary discharges, and special studies. The facility also agrees to use those treatment settings most compatible with the successful rehabilitation of patients and improvement of their quality of life, and to promote the participation of suitable patients in vocational rehabilitation programs. It is understood that the Network is available to provide technical assistance to facilities. Further, participation in Network activities is a condition of approval to receive Medicare reimbursement for the provision of ESRD services. Failure to comply may result in sanctions by the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services.

By signing below we acknowledge this document as an agreement between our facility and HSAG: ESRD Network 13.

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