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Quality and Safety Series

Nurse Talking with Senior Patient Medical Team Looking at Xray

Find resources to assist your quality improvement journey, from planning and preparation to sustaining your organization's gains. Topic areas contain short video presentations (a.k.a., "quickinars") and associated tools and resources to support your organization. 

Quality Series: Organizational Readiness

Download the Organizational Readiness Slides (PDF) 

View the Organizational Readiness Quickinar Recording 

Organizational Readiness Tool to Download

Action Plan Template (PDF)

Quality Series: Rapid-Cycle Improvement

Rapid-Cycle Improvement Slides (PDF) 

Rapid-Cycle Improvement Quickinar Recording

Rapid-Cycle Improvement Tools to Download 

Quality Series: SMART (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, Time-based) Goals

SMART Goals Slides (PDF)

SMART Goals Quickinar Recording 

SMART Goals Tools to Download 

Quality Series: Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats (SWOT) Analysis

SWOT Analysis Slides (PDF) 

SWOT Analysis Quickinar Recording 

SWOT Analysis Tool to Download 

SWOT Analysis Template (Fillable PDF)

Quality Series: Voice of the Customer

Voice of the Customer Slides (PDF)

Voice of the Customer Quickinar Recording 

Voice of the Customer Tools to Download

Quality Series: 5 Whys

5 Whys Slides (PDF)

5 Why Recording 

5 Whys Tool to Download

Quality Series: Prioritization Matrix

Prioritization Matrix Slides (PDF)

Prioritization Matrix Recording

Prioritization Matrix Tools to Download

Quality Series: Data Plan

Data Plan Slides (PDF)

Data Plan Recording

Data Plan Tools to Download

Data Plan Template (PDF)


Quality Series: Action Planning

Action Planning Slides (PDF)

Action Planning Recording

Action Planning Tools to Download

Quality Series: FMEA
(Failure Mode and Effects Analysis)

FMEA Slides (PDF)

FMEA Recording 

FMEA Tools to Download

FMEA Worksheet (Excel)

Quality Series: Communication Plan

Communication Plan Slides (PDF)

Communication Plan Quickinar Recording 

Communication Plan Tools to Download

Communication Plan Template (fillable PDF)

Quality Series: Kamishibai Visual Management

Kamishibai Slides (PDF)

Kamishibai Quickinar Recording 

Kamishibai Tools to Download

Kamishibai Visual Management Templates (Excel)

Quality Series: Process Observation

Process Observation Slides (PDF)

Process Observation Quickinar Recording

Process Observation Tools to Download

Process Observation Template (PDF)

Quality Series: Control Plan and Sustainability

Control Plan and Sustainability slides 

Control Plan and Sustainability Recording

Control Plan Tool to Download

HSAG Control Plan (Excel download)